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A Fool Among Saints

A Fool Among Saints

Something happened to me last

Week in Vegas

I don’t really remember

Because I was very drunk

And in between the games of craps

Drinking and eating

Something finally clicked in my head.

I know that before the Vegas

Trip and now after

I am lost, lonely, unloved and


A fool among saints

Getting tired of Joshua Kasper

We rode the dirty, crowded city

Buses into the strip

Looking for the

World famous Palms Hotel and Casino

Snuck aboard a private shuttle for patrons and senior citizens

Finally made it to the outside pool patio

Just before Steel Pulse took the stage

Paid $7 for a can of Corona

Randy fell asleep next to the pool

Then we left

We fell asleep back in the room

Waiting for my direct deposit at midnight

But it never came

And (it goes without saying)

You need a bankroll to make it in this town

The next morning I hit the ATM

And had money in my pocket

I played on the tables and drank Heineken

It was my birthday and I was

Bound to forget the fact that

I was getting older

I drank and everything was great

Then I made a few critical mistakes


I started drinking whiskey

Instead of beer


I went into a strip bar


with a heavy heart and a wad

Of cash

I blew hundreds


Ate nothing for over a day

And that always makes my stomach


I came home with a guilty soul

Overindulged eyes

Sour, sick stomach

A lighter bankroll

What a time to be alive indeed

And somewhere in all of that

I started talking with

A girl at the bar

She was an older prostitute

Or she at least dabbled in the business

From time to time

She was nice and laughed at all my jokes

Grabbed at my crotch and

Kissed my neck

The bartender didn’t

Like it and called security

“She is a whore! Get out!”

He yelled.

She cried and pulled out five

Forms of ID

Wiping tears from her eyes

“Leave her alone,” I said, putting my arm around the brunette hooker,

“She’s no whore, I am in love with this woman and you are insulting us both!”

After a lot of bad noise

They let her stay with me at the bar

Where we drank and watched NASCAR

She held herself close to me

Scratching my back

Josh got himself a nice girl


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