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The Christians Are Just As Off As The Tweekers

The Christians Are Just As Off As The Tweekers

Is this town full of homeless

Drug addicts and born again Christians?

No one wants to admit fear

Fucking and fighting

Drinking and smoking

Praying and fasting

The Christians are just as off

As the tweekers

A dirty, bearded homeless man

Speaks to me even though I have earphones on

He hangs out at the bus stop everyday

This drunk has a successful son

That lives in Hicktown, Tennessee

Complete with grandchildren, guns and money

His son asks him to come south to the family

The homeless gentleman declines

Because he has a good life, right here

He has his sleeping bag and his backpack

Everything a man needs at his fingertips

Living bus stop to bus stop

With no worries

He doesn’t have a wife constantly asking,

“Where the fuck have you been?”

Everyday I get on this bus

It’s a goddamn freak parade with

A few Mexicans and me rolled up inside

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